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Dental Referral Service


Dental Direct Plus is a referral service designed to introduce and connect you to the best qualified Dentist for your  implant and cosmetic  dental services.


Ask questions!

With over 25 years working with dentists throughout the GTA, we understand treatments and the products  required in todays modern dentistry.

  • ASK to see pictures of the procedure and what it looks like when done.
  • ASK how long it will take.
  • ASK if the procedure will need to be redone in the future and why.
  • ASK if there are alternatives to the procedure and if so what are the pros and cons of each option.



The final decision is always yours!

Email us at matchmobile@yahoo.ca

or call us at (416) 618-2846, we'll answer your  questions with you and your dentist. Do not trust unknown sources, including chat sites and Social Media. Most of that information may not be reliable. The dentists on our list of are rescreened for  pr

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Glad to be of help to you and your family !

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Recreate Your Smile, there is no limit to what is possible using the best available materials, aesthetic experience and Cad-Cam capabilities paired with the old fashion technique of Master Dental Ceramists.

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… Implant retained crowns and bridges

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